self & custom build finance

self build finance

self & custom build finance

Obtaining finance is one of the biggest challenges that self builders will face, with roughly two out of three self builders needing a mortgage to see their project through.

We recommend your first point of call when seeking a mortgage for your project should be Buildstore Mortgage Services – the UK’s self build and renovation finance experts.



BuildStore Mortgage Services

  •  •  Borrow up to 95% of your land and build costs
  •  •  Stay in your current home until you have finished your new one
  •  •  Receive your money when you need it to pay for materials and labour
  •  •  Negotiate better deals and keep workmen on site by having the cash to pay your bills
  •  •  Choice of leading lenders, products and competitive interest rates
  •  •  Advance stage payments available

You will find a wide range of mortgages and exclusive deals, as flexible or as well-suited, to the specific finance requirements of your project.

flexible funding options, tailored to your project

To fund your project, you will need a stage payment mortgage which releases funds as your build progresses. There are two types of mortgage, defined by when you get money during the build: Traditional arrears stage payments and Advanced Stage Payments. BuildStore can help you assess your cash flow to determine which type is right for your needs, and arrange the right solution for your project.

Advance Stage Payments

The Accelerator mortgage from BuildStore is ideally suited for our homes. The key difference is that money is released at the beginning, rather than the end of each build stage AND you get the cash to fund the early stages of your build, including land purchase, the deposit and the assembly of your project.

With BuildStore Mortgage Services, you will have more money, enhanced cashflow and greater flexibility during your project. For expert advice on financing your project, simply complete the enquiry form or call 0345 223 4888.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. BuildStore Mortgage Services Ltd do not charge a fee for self build and custom build mortgages. For other mortgage types a fee of £395 is charged, which is payable on offer.

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