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We created a concept called “sheds for living”, which was later renamed and developed into “dwelle”… and is now “wudl”. This range of micro-buildings came about when (as architects) we investigated an alternative solution to creating small dwellings that could be easily adapted to suit a wide variety of uses and requirements. This was partly due to the high costs and limited options British housing has to offer.

It was paramount that the designs incorporated all of the same criteria that had emerged out of our previous eco-projects. The key difference between the one-off bespoke projects and the “dwelle.ings” is the continual development and improvements made to the design. It’s a building that can be produced on a large scale and will be continually refined. Similar to car or product design.

In 2009, the first prototype was built for the Grand Designs exhibition, which provided the perfect forum for feedback from visitors and exhibitors. Whose responses were invaluable; a number of changes were made to the basic design and specification, resulting in a much improved version.

The buildings are designed and manufactured in Manchester.


a Centre for Carbon Literacy

We have a showroom in Manchester that also acts as an educational resource. We hold regular workshops on Carbon Literacy.

More information about this demonstration project and Centre for Carbon Literacy can be found here: www.wudl.co.uk/eco


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