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Custom Build Homes

With the ability to fully customise the design and specification, our buildings are perfectly suited to the Custom Build and Self Build homes sector.

Custom Build is where a developer will typically purchase a site, produce a master plan with individual building plots (the size of the site and plots can vary considerably), obtain planning permission for it, undertake any necessary site works and arrange for services and utilities to each of the individual plots.

This website provides more detail on the definition:

The National Custom and Self Build Association’s (NaCSBA) mission is to substantially increase the number of people able to build or commission their own home. They have created a toolkit that is aimed at local authority planning and housing officers, development teams from housing associations, small builders and community organisations – all of whom may need guidance on how to facilitate more opportunities for people who want to build their own homes.

Larger Developers, house builders and main contractors (as a non-compliant tender or bid) can also incorporate Custom Build homes within projects of say 30 homes or more (perhaps 10% for example). This could have a positive impact on gaining community support and the planning process as councils have a legal obligation to provide adequate land provision for those who want to build (or customise) their own home.

In this instance we would typically agree a house type and the extent of customisation with the developer, customise the home with the purchaser and agree the fixed cost with them, then we would act as a supplier to the main contractor, supplying the entire building system including all components for the contractor to build as part of the larger development. Please email us for more details about this.


customisable options

The following lists outline the options available, starting with the form of the building, you can select:

  •      • the building orientation – such as an open aspect to the front or more private facade;
  •      • upside-down living or the more conventional ground floor living;
  •      • a flat roof (with two floors and optional roof terrace), mono pitched roof, or a pitched roof (with three floors and the option of a double height space); and
  •      • the number of bedrooms (2, 3, 4 or 5).

Then you will want to choose the external features, such as:

  •      • the external wall and roof materials;
  •      • the number of roof lights; and
  •      • the front door style.

Would you like to add renewable energy options:

  •      • PV solar panels on the roof, to generate electricity;
  •      • a home battery to store this power for when you need it;
  •      • an air source heat pump that produces hot water from the latent heat in the air; and
  •      • rainwater harvesting (if the site has sufficient space).

Finally you can choose from a wide range of internal fittings and finishes:

  •      • the heating system, including a wood burning stove;
  •      • the kitchen design and choice of appliances;
  •      • the shower or bathroom fittings and the pattern/colour of tiles;
  •      • lights, sockets and switches; and
  •      • a huge choice of floor finishes.

We normally provide a full “turn-key” level of service, but most developments will also allow us to build just the shell and you can complete the internal layouts yourself.

For more details, please give us a call to discuss your project, or complete our project registration form – once submitted you’ll receive an email with a link to our digital Purchase Options & Prices brochure.

We can also produce bespoke designs to meet the specific requirements of Custom Build projects, such as plot sizes, external materials and Design Code / Masterplan compliance.


project locations

We’re involved in a number of Custom Build developments as a “home manufacturer” or supplier, including those projects listed below.

There are four generic ways that custom and self-build projects can be brought forward, but each of the four models can be adapted to suit a particular context. Please get in touch with us if you’re a developer looking for home manufacturers. If you’re a home owner wanting one of our designs, please ask the developer if we can be included in the range on offer…!


Heartlands Cornwall

Heartlands, Cornwall

The development includes 54 custom build plots, which will offer people the chance to design and build their own home with a manufacturer chosen from Carillion-igloo’s specialist panel. This site is one of the Homes and Communities Agency’s (HCA) biggest custom build projects.

For this project we will be offering our wudl 6 house type.

Homes still available – please get in touch if this is of interest.



Graven Hill, Bicester, Oxfordshire

The site is big enough to accommodate up to 1,900 self-build homes – there is the potential to provide a wide variety of sizes, including large individual plots for grand designers or smaller plots for people on more modest budgets.

For this project we should be able to offer a variety of different house types. (plots available now)


Custom Build homes can be mortgaged – we’re working with BuildStore to help our clients find a lender – please click here for more details


community housing projects

We can also develop housing projects with a specific focus to allow them to be co-designed by the residents, ensuring they are affordable and sustainable.