• dimensions: 3.3 x 9.7m externally; 2.4 x 7.6m internally (18m²); height: 4.6m (or 4m option*)
  • building shell from: £45,000; fitted-out from £65,000; approx full project cost from £75,000 (ex VAT) – details

snug is the result of designing a living space that is as small and affordable as possible, whilst complying fully with Building Regulations and mortgage requirements. The building can also be a holiday home, beach hut, guest space, a small office or a playroom.

  • * the building can be sunk into the ground to be potentially defined as “Permitted Development”, not requiring a application for planning permission, provided all the other conditions are met (for example it can’t be used as separate, self-contained living accommodation) – please refer to the Planning Portal guide

A4 floor plans & elevations (PDF file)





The standard 3 module snug can be extended to meet your specific requirements. Additional modules include a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, a dining space and an outside deck area. Potentially these can be added at a later date.

dimensions (varies): 3.3 x 14.7m externally; 2.4 x 12.6m internally (30m²)
from £55,000

more information & floor plans




To provide a second bedroom, a module can be added to the side of the snug, together with a circulation module to provide access. Again, this can be done at the outset or at a later date. Constructed off- site, the installation time is approximately a week.

dimensions: 3.3 x 7.1m externally; 2.4 x 5m internally (12m²)
from £20,000

more information & floor plans



Our building system is designed to allow a to be personalised and suit specific requirements. Cladding options will harmonise or even contrast with their site context. There are different levels of environmental systems on offer, and a range of internal fittings and finishes…



We offer numerous extra items to compliment each of our dwelle.ings. All have the same high quality design, construction and environmental standards as the buildings. We also offer a bespoke design service if required…