are these “pods” and how are they different to others?

Most of our buildings are not really “pods”, they might have some similarities, but they’re not designed and built like pods that can be found on the market.

Our buildings are proper buildings. We build very high quality eco-buildings that are still affordable. One key aim behind the concept is to create a living space that suits a wide market, it can be personalised and can also be extended or adapted over time. The way in which our buildings are manufactured, transported to site and assembled is and should be irrelevant to the end result.

We prefabricate them off-site which means that we can control the quality of the buildings better. By employing full-time trades people that know how to build, we can also reduce and reuse waste. Although, this process is not traditional or conventional we can manufacture and assemble a proper 3 or 4 bedroom house and even supply a “pod” that could be used as a home office or playroom… if you want.