how are your buildings powered?

The exact power specification for each project is determined depending on the site location, orientation and number of buildings being proposed. We use electricity and gas*.

The ideal type of energy generation would be from Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels. Some of our designs include these on the building itself, but we also have a Energy Shed that is covered in PV panels and plugs in to the main building to power it. We also use an Air-Source Heat Pump to create very cost effective hot water for both the water supply and underfloor heating.

Our buildings can be powered solely from the National Grid. Connecting to the grid and using renewable energy allows you to use the Feed-in Tariff.

If you do use the grid for your supply, please take care to find a supplier that supports renewable energy. We use Good Energy.

  • (*using gas maybe cheaper than electricity (from the grid) at the moment, but it’s a fossil fuel, and the carbon emissions from its extraction and use is a major contributor to Climate Change – our Air Source Heat Pump creates a much cheaper and cleaner option, and is supported under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI))