what is Custom Build and can you offer this?

Custom build is when people are able to specify an individual home through a more ‘hands-off’ journey, where an enabling developer delivers a spectrum of services – from just creating a serviced-plot right through to delivering a complete bespoke turn-key home for an individual or group of individuals.

Typically a developer will purchase a piece of land (large or small), obtain planning permission, carry out any enabling work to the site such as providing services and roads, then sell individual plots to the public. If we’re one of the eligible home manufacturers (and if we’re not, please ask for us!), we can then help you to customise one of our designs and build your home, to either a building shell or a fully fitted home.

Through this process, our homes can also be built with a special mortgage, making it a very easy and affordable way to have a high quality customisable home!

There are more details about Custom Build here: http://custombuildstrategy.co.uk/about-custom-build/

We’re involved in a number of Custom Build projects around the UK, including Heartlands in Cornwall and Graven Hill near Bicester.

Here is a website aimed at local authority planning and housing officers, development teams from housing associations, small builders and community organisations – all of whom may need guidance on how to facilitate more opportunities for people who want to build their own homes: http://customandselfbuildtoolkit.org.uk

Please also see www.wudl.co.uk/custom-build for more details.