finding land

A Self Build or Custom Build project begins with finding the right plot of land. There are a number of ways this can be achieved. You may already own land, in which case, the next vital step is to ensure you’re able to get Planning Permission to build a new home. We can help with this.



A great resource is PlotSearch which you can subscribe to for FREE though the link below.

PlotSearch is the UK’s largest and most accurate database of self build opportunities with over 8,000 genuine building plots available. What’s more, planning permission is guaranteed. From the comfort of your own home you can search for your perfect plot of land free of charge. You can also search on the go with their mobile friendly site.


  •  •  Over 8,000 genuine building plots
  •  •  All with planning permission
  •  •  Carry out unlimited searches for plots across the UK
  •  •  Alerts to notify you of new plots matching your criteria
  •  •  Support from a knowledgeable team of experts

To register or to find out more information please visit


developer Custom Build site

There are a growing number of Custom Build projects where you can build our homes. These tend to be available at what are commonly being called “Plot Shops”. Here are the projects where our homes are currently available: Custom Build projects


UKLR Register of Land

Our land agent partner has a comprehensive database of individual plots and larger development sites, compiled from multiple sources, and can help to locate the right site for you with a more bespoke search service that includes off-market sources.

The initial search is free and then if an offer is made you pay a deposit (£100 plus VAT).

Then once the land is purchased you pay a commission:

up to the value of £100,000, £150 plus VAT;
up to the value of £250,000, £300 plus VAT;
over the price of £250,000, not on the open market, 1.25% plus VAT of the total purchase price; and
over the price of £250,000 on the open market, 0.33% plus VAT of the total purchase price.

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Right to Build

Finally, although this won’t find you a specific plot, you might also want to exercise your right to build…

The ‘Right to Build’, part of the Self and Custom Build Housing Act 2015, requires local authorities to ensure there is adequate land provision for those who want to build their own home.

Find out more and register with your Local Authority here…