Gas&Air Studios funky up-cycled chairs & tables

Gas&Air Studios

When we were exhibiting at the last Grand Designs Live, we couldn’t help but notice a range of very cool chairs and tables by Gas&Air Studios that were scattered around the Village. They epitomised our belief in the three “R”s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

Gas&Air Studios who manufacture them are passionate about the re-use of damaged or unwanted pallets, thousands of which continue to fill landfill sites and litter streets around the UK.  They only use pallets that they find on the streets around their local area in South London and ones that are not wanted… they never use new pallets or pallets that are to be re-used.

Their production process is purely manual and Eco-friendly. Each piece of furniture is handmade from a single wooden pallet by a skilled team. The timber from the pallets is already treated so they only use a small amount of treatment on the wood during the production process. They even collect and recycle all the nails gathered from dismantling the pallets.

They sit perfectly in front of our and are really comfortable too…!!

More information and purchase details can be found on their website: