thank you to everyone for Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live

  • 10th June 2013

We had a fantastic eleven day stint in London for the nine day Grand Designs Live exhibition in ExCeL in London although slightly tired and missing our dwelle.ings in Manchester. We had a great response from everyone and a fascinating debate around our sheep’s wool insulation. Did you know that the wool we use doesn’t really have any other economic use and could have otherwise been burnt or buried as it is not suitable for clothing or even carpets?

We were lucky enough to have been placed next to the Grand Theatre in the Grand Village, a prime spot for our half-scale section of our and catching a chance to speak to Kevin McCloud. The model gave us the opportunity to show the inner workings of our buildings; the high quality of construction, materials and components used to make a typical

We had an amazing time talking to the visitors of the show, giving us the opportunity to talk about our design, the standards the building meets and even the PCM board, (that’s phase change material, you can find more details on the website).

Thank you to Grand Designs Live for inviting us and hopefully you’ll see us again at their show in October. More details about the event can be found here: