introducing customisable home options…

customisable home options collageYou can create your own home from the many additions and customisable design options… the building can be personalised to meet your needs, desires and budget.

There are many high quality internal options to choose from. They range from different heating types, choices in lighting, varying degrees of control, a wide range of finishes and fittings, and all of the options and additions are incredibly energy efficient.

For the exterior there is a range of cladding materials for the skin of the building. It can be clad in timber, zinc, corten steel, stone panels or brick (slips). On a project that consists of multiple dwelle.ings, having two or three different external materials creates a striking appearance to the overall development. The building system may have been standardised to achieve high levels of design and construction, but the individual should be personal and sit comfortably within it’s environment.

We’re perfectly suited to the Custom Build sector. The Self Build Portal defines Custom Build homes as projects where you work with a specialist developer or home manufacturer to help deliver your own home, whereas self build projects tend to be those where you directly organise the design and construction of your own new home yourself. Our service is perfectly suited to Custom Build, although we’re always here for the true self builders out there!

Ultimately we’re helping you to make your “”, unique.