our first effort at “grow-your-own”


  • 9th July 2013

If like Faye; our in-house grower, “the thought of digging up potatoes rather than buying them from the supermarket really appeals”, then it is not as difficult as you might first think. She “read-up on things and bought first early and main crop seed potatoes to get things going”. Just a little water and patience and you’ll be tucking into homegrown New Potatoes like us.

Even when you least expect it potatoes are sturdy growers, Faye “wasn’t sure if they would grow when planting the first ones out in the cold and wet in January, but our first crop of New Potatoes have arrived and they taste really really good. Maris Pipers next!”.

If you don’t have a garden you can use a raised bed garden like us, we made ours out of the old roofs that needed replacing from the tower blocks next door to the dwelle. HQ.

We’re also in the process of harvesting strawberries and peas… more growing news soon…!