self build your wudl home, in Cornwall


self build your wudl home, in Cornwall

We’ve always allowed our designs to be customised so that our clients can self build a home that meets their specific requirements, not unlike buying a car. It’s the perfect opportunity for a Self Builder to personalise their own unique home using our affordable and highly sustainable system. However, one of the huge problems in the UK is land availability.

This is where ‘Custom Build’ (based on the Dutch model of Homeruskwartier, in Almere) differs – it removes the hassle of finding a site.

We’re one of six ‘home manufacturers’ selected by joint venture developer Carillion Igloo to build 54 made-to-order houses at a site at Trevenson Park South in Pool, Cornwall. All plots will cost around £50,000, irrespective of whether the custom builder is intending to develop a two, three or four-bedroom home. An entry-level house will have a price tag of roughly £120,000.

The first plots will be available for sale in Spring 2015 and the development is due to be completed by the end of 2017.

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