All buildings need regular servicing and maintenance to prolong their appearance, efficiency and lifespan.

Some jobs are straightforward, they just need a little time allocating to them. Others are more complex and sometimes need a qualified expert. This usually means taking time off work each and every time you need someone to visit.

Wouldn’t it be simpler if we did everything for you, in one go, in one day. A little like taking your car in for a service or MOT. You can stick around or leave us a key and go about your day-to-day activities.

If you purchase one of our homes, you will automatically receive the first service free-of-charge. Then you will have 3 months to decide whether you would like to continue with our service-care contract.

Every 6 months we will:

  •      –  check the electrical system
  •      –  check and replace LED lamps where necessary
  •      –  PAT test appliances (if commercial use)
  •      –  service the hot water cylinder and underfloor heating
  •      –  service the intruder alarm system
  •      –  clean MVHR (ventilation) filters, replacing annually
  •      –  clean or replace hob extraction filter
  •      –  clear and check rainwater gutters
  •      –  check the rainwater harvesting system, if installed (and clean the tank annually)
  •      –  clean wood burning stove and flu (if installed)
  •      –  check external cladding


Our service-care will only be available to UK customers. Price will vary depending on location and building specification.