The smallest of our structures, this building could be a shed or storage but would be beautifully suited as a tiny home or writers cabin.

Different layouts would allow it to house an air source heat pump at the rear, incorporate a log store, or possibly a rainwater harvesting tank. The standard depth is perfect for a bike store. 

By adding plenty of sheep’s wool insulation, heating and a window, we’ve adapted this design to become a homeless pod, as the first step towards helping people off the streets by providing some basic shelter, security and warmth. 

starting from £9,000 ex VAT * (approximately £2,500/sqm)

(multiple buildings would be less)

a typical larch-clad shed incorporating space to house an air source heat pump (2.5 x 4m) would cost £15,000 (ex VAT) **

Originally created as a beach hut, this model can be used for a variety of purposes. It comes with either a flat roof, or a pitched roof into which a sleeping deck can be added.

 Access is via a tapered staircase or loft ladder. Doors and windows can be positioned on the side or the end elevations – there’s plenty of flexibility depending on the site location.

As with all of our homes, it can be extended along the length to any desired dimension. The outside deck area can also be extended, perfect for a barbecue or hot tub. 

starting from £40,000 ex VAT * (approximately £1,900/sqm)

(optional shell cost (without the internal fit-out) and/or multiple buildings would be less)

a typical cedar-clad holiday cabin (3.25 x 6.5m) with a bed deck, shower room and kitchen would cost £65,000 (ex VAT) **

At 4 metres wide this building is what we’d class as being our ideal “tiny home” – it’s narrow enough to potentially be transported (but only if required) and wide enough to create some very generous individual rooms.

It is a single storey building (but has scope for a bed deck) and offers plenty of internal height on the pitched roof versions to give a very spacious feel. 

Additional units can be fixed alongside it to make a much bigger and more bespoke building, either from the outset, or in the future, if more space is required. The home can grow with the occupants!

starting from £75,000 ex VAT * (approximately £1,850/sqm)

(optional shell cost (without the internal fit-out) and/or multiple buildings would be less)

a typical tiny home (4 x 12m) with a double bedroom, shower room and kitchen would cost £115,000 (ex VAT) **

Probably our most versatile and flexible building, there are three different roof forms plus the potential to add a base element to make this a two storey option. This would provide space for further bedrooms and the option of upside-down living.

The (higher) double-pitched-roof will provide the option of three full storeys, a mezzanine, or it can be left as a double height space over the main living areas.

As with all our designs, it can be extended along the length of the building. We also offer entrance, bedroom or office pods that can be added to the side. 

starting from £125,000 ex VAT * (approximately £1,750/sqm)

(optional shell cost (without the internal fit-out) and/or multiple buildings would be less)

a typical one-bed home (5 x 9m) with a mezzanine double bedroom, shower room and fully fitted kitchen would cost £150,000 (ex VAT) **

The extra space in this model offers the greatest number of layout options, with various staircase designs, and shower or bathroom layouts.

It could be anything from a one bedroom bungalow-type home through to a 3 or 4 bedroom townhouse. If doubled-up it could be even larger. Doors and windows can be added to the side elevations which could create an alternative aspect and totally different proportions.

This is also the model we use for our apartment designs – the extra width and higher ceilings allow a lot more versatility.

starting from £150,000 ex VAT * (approximately £1,650/sqm)

(optional shell cost (without the internal fit-out) and/or multiple buildings would be less) 

a typical two-bed home (6 x 10m) over two storeys with kitchen-diner and living room on the ground floor would cost £225,000 (ex VAT) **

* VAT will be paid for commercial projects, but for new homes (if they meet the required criteria, such as being occupied by the home owner), they can be zero-rated.
** these costs are estimates as the actual cost will depend on variables such as the project location, the ground conditions (foundation design) and the proposed start date.

There are five different building types based on specific widths. There are four different roof types; a flat roof, a higher-level flat roof, a 20-degree mono-pitch roof and a 45-degree double-pitch roof.

The buildings can be made longer in multiples of 1.2m (our standard panel width), which can be living accommodation, glazed (semi-external) links or half (courtyard) links. The larger “wudl 5” and “wudl 6” designs can have an additional storey by adding a base element.

The smaller buildings can be built entirely off-site and are therefore transportable (plus they could meet the Caravan Act standards).

* These heights would allow the buildings to potentially come under permitted development for planning permission.
Heights indicated in brackets are where the structure is built directly off a solid base and therefore the finished floor level is at a lower level (150mm above the external ground level).

layout options 

Once we understand your specific space requirements and the potential of the site, we would work with you to create the perfect layout.

All of our homes can be extended along the length to any desirable dimension. Additional units can be fixed alongside each model to make a much bigger and more bespoke building.

customisation & options

The building concept responds effortlessly to an occupants’ requirements – both the interior and exterior can be personalised from the outset, but can then also easily change over time to meet individual tastes or specific (perhaps unexpected) requirements.

We offer a full turn-key package with a great range of customisable options. Or, we can simply provide the building shell (that comprises of our off-site frame system, external cladding, doors & windows, first-fix services, internal lining boards, skirting boards, internal doors, ironmongery and balustrades). You’re then able to complete the fit-out yourself.

use categories

We’re an architectural-based company with experience of building in a wide area of sectors. Our buildings, whilst primarily designed as homes, are entirely appropriate for a range of commercial and educational uses.

The type of homes we can provide also varies considerably, including tiny homes, starter homes, multigenerational homes, holiday homes and even low/medium rise apartment blocks.

Our [possible] homes are intended to be used as emergency accommodation to help people who are rough sleeping and homeless, plus housing for the rising number of refugees. These can be leased (subject to financial checks) over a 7-year period and cost no more than that typically being spent on temporary supported accommodation (hostels, B&B, etc). The big difference with our solution, is that our housing becomes an asset that has a lifespan of at least 60 years – they’re built using the same materials as the mortgageable homes we build. We’ve also developed a step-by-step Toolkit to assist with the process. Please get in touch for more details.

We can also build net-zero-carbon Changing Places toilets to meet the required standards ( and fully comply with Building Regulations. We use HEWI accessible fittings, Mosa tiles (Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold), a Schlüter wet room system, high pressure laminate wall panels, a variety of external cladding options and offer options such as rainwater harvesting for flushing the toilet, solar PV for power and battery storage if the building is off-grid.

Please let us know what you’re looking to build or develop and we’ll try to assist…