high quality features

high quality features

designed for living

Similar to a car or product design we’ve created a building that we can produce on a large scale and intend to continually refine.

The simplicity of the design will support a number of different internal configurations and will allow it to be easily extended, either extruded along the length, or doubled up.

We want to create a building that responds effortlessly to the occupants requirements, however varied. It can be personalised from the outset, but can easily change to meet individual tastes and preferences over time.


environmentally responsible

The compact nature of our buildings means they tread lightly upon the environment. Each one achieves good levels of sustainability in a number of areas, both in construction and in operation. They can achieve all mandatory requirements for Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes for materials, waste, water and energy.

Although the main building fabric and specification is fixed to ensure the building can be as environmentally sustainable as possible, the purchase options include a variety of renewable energy systems to potentially make it zero carbon.


the healthy space

We want to ensure the living environment is a healthy environment. Our heating and ventilation systems and the materials and finishes throughout promote healthy living. We’ve researched finishes and treatments and determined whether there are any VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other substances that can off-gas into the living spaces. We assess products which restrict, reduce or remove allergens from the environment of the allergy sufferer.

Our healthy space requisite also includes issues of lighting quality, security, privacy and general health and safety.


affordable and adaptable

The typical total cost of a standard home is affordable, the original aim behind the concept. However, as with a new car, the basic specification can be greatly enhanced depending on the available budget.

The building can be made to be far more sustainable, far more versatile and far more intelligent.

With the main structure being designed to be so adaptable, various systems or options can easily be added at a later date. Our designs can also be extended, therefore allowing a house to be easily adapted to meet all the Lifetime Homes standards.


delivering quality

Unfortunately it is becoming evident that house builders are potentially repeating the same mistakes as those made in the 1960s when quantity was pursued at the expense of quality. We’re not only concerned with the quality of our designs, but also the quality of the components and workmanship.

Experience through repetition and prefabricating many of the building components not only reduces waste but also maximises the quality of construction.

We have been extremely particular with the choice of materials and components with a real focus on quality over cost. Each element of the house has been carefully considered and has been chosen for its suitability, sustainability and durability.


supporting communities

We understand that the quality of the public realm is as important as the quality of the homes and buildings that make up a community. We will always promote the importance of the provision of well-designed and well-maintained public spaces as an intrinsic part of creating decent homes.

Our “eco-hub” concept for larger developments is an ideal solution to efficiently grouping sustainable technologies, which could be shared and easily increased over time, and would be a common link for neighbours. With careful landscape design and the inclusion of street furniture, these secure spaces could be vibrant, social centres in the community.




a very personalised space

Each building has been designed to allow a client to customise the interior and exterior. There is a range of alternative external cladding materials, fixtures and fittings and internal colour packages. The external skin of the building can either compliment or contrast with its surroundings. On a project that consists of multiple buildings, having two or three different external materials creates a striking appearance to the overall development.

Similar to buying a car or a computer, the available options and any additional costs are clearly identified prior to ordering. At a later date different elements of the house can be replaced, added or removed, promoting a changeable and evolving place for living. As a home, our designs can respond to the flux of family life and grow with the family.


enough space to swing a cat

The design encourages the idea of a “lifestyle home”, where people generally want more living space. Although the overall building may appear very small, internally the size of each space is surprisingly generous. The buildings provide a very practical and efficient living area, where the layout has been designed for versatility, adaptability and flexibility.

There is literally enough room to swing a cat!


plenty of storage

Adequate storage space is a high priority for most home owners. One of our smallest buildings offers the potential of having over 9 cubic metres of concealed storage space including a cloakroom, full-sized hanging wardrobes, plenty of kitchen cupboards, a recessed shower room cabinet and high level storage in the living space.


fast to erect

The prefabricated timber sections that form the buildings superstructure allow the building to be erected very quickly. The typical construction period is 8 weeks in the factory followed by 8 weeks on site. The groundworks, service connections are carried out whilst the main building is being constructed off-site.


built for life

Our structures will easily meet the lifespan demanded by banks and building societies for lending purposes (60 year life span in accordance with Council of Mortgage Lender requirements), and could even last for centuries. As a factory engineered, quality product, our timber frame buildings makes maintenance tasks easy. All of our cladding options require very little maintenance, including the doors and windows with their outer frames being a powder coated aluminium.

The internal accommodation is equally sustainable, being able to adapt to a changing family’s requirements, and meeting Lifetime Home standards.


meeting and exceeding the standards

Wherever possible in a micro-building, we meet and often exceed building standards. These include the Building Regulations, NHBC design standards, Code for Sustainable Homes, Secure by Design and Lifetime Homes.


planning made simple

We have considerable in-house experience of gaining planning permission for new buildings and homes and can take the application for a project smoothly and successfully through the process. Our buildings design, size and sustainability credentials will appeal to the planners and it should find favour over and above the standard proposal.


minimising the flood risk

Being light weight, the building can easily be raised above the ground on “legs”, minimising flood risk. The space below could then be used for car parking.

With most of the designs being fairly low in height and symmetrical, they could also be constructed with a buoyant base, similar to a houseboat. Then, if the water level rises above ground level the entire house floats and is restrained in position by vertical steel posts connected to the foundations. When the water level returns to normal, the structure returns to its original position. The service connections would be flexible, designed to accommodate any potential movement.


going underground

The addition of a pre-cast concrete basement will not only provide an enormous amount of additional space, but it will also make the building up to 10% more thermally efficient. We can provide a number of layouts which can be used as play space, work space, sleeping space or just simply for storage.


an intelligent building

The design allows for the full integration of a KNX system that will provide full home and building control, ranging from lighting and shutter control to security systems, heating, ventilation, alarming, water control, energy management as well as appliances and audio systems. In addition to providing maximum convenience, the ultimate aim of such a system is to reduce energy consumption.


simple to finance

If our buildings are to be used as permanent dwellings, and have Full Planning Permission as a permanent dwelling, then they are mortgageable (subject to status of the applicant).

For other all other uses, it is possible to obtain Asset Finance, paying a deposit, agreed monthly payments, and then a final instalment.