a name change

a name change

Why? It’s not a particularly interesting story – it’s one of the usual legal challenges that crop up from time-to-time where corporates with more legal clout are able to put pressure on smaller companies. Fair play though, they (and you can probably guess who) owned the registered name under a service category we also operated under (and apparently the “e” in our (old) name doesn’t make a difference – as both names sound the same), so there’s potential for customers to be confused.

So, the only real option was to change our name… and we’re looking better for it!

It’s also presented a great opportunity to refine our range of designs.

The building designs grew organically, from our original “dwelle.ing” through to a number of variations, all directly in response to what our clients were asking for.

We created a 2-bedroom version by doubling-up the structure, then a larger “lifetime” design (which won the British Home Awards) and a few years later a mobile caravan-type home for a large European holiday park operator. We also developed our tiny designs that we believed would be perfect for people for whom becoming homeless was a real risk.

Alongside the rebrand we’ve worked out a much clearer and simpler system ensuring a real efficiency in the way our modular designs and components can be selected to create a huge choice, ensuring homes are incredibly personalised – we’ll explain more soon!

But, in the meantime, it’s business as usual… thank you for your continued support!